... He wouldn't admit to her that he hadn't heard anything she had been saying for the past minute or so. She noticed anyway. "... call me back, will you? When you're home" "I'm right here with you... Don't worry, I can hear you." Even then his words seemed forced, didn't seem to bear conviction, …

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the doctor will see you soon... Really? Why am I talking about this even? When I was a small kid, I didnt want to be a doctor at all. I wanted to be a number of other things- a pilot, lawyer, astronaut, engineer and eventually all through high school nursed the ambition of being a …

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To cut or not to cut? 

I am a doctor.  In my opinion, routine neonatal circumcision is unnecessary. True, it is protective against  recurrent urinary tract infections in male children, helps to reduce infection rates for STIs in adults and helps reduce the incidence of penile cancer.  None of these conditions is particularly common in the first place, bar any interventions. …

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