Clinic tales: part 2

The shrill chirp of the alarm pierced through the cold and restless night, but the figure shrouded between the sheets hardly stirred. It had taken too long, far too long for the elusive blanket of sleep to settle over his features. The hooting of the night owls, the buzzing of the insects and critters and …

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Counting pennies pt. 2

The story started here I have chosen to stay back in the Southwest of Nigeria and take advantage of the supposedly better employment opportunities. I want to save up money and go back abroad to start a residency program, it has not yet worked out so far. I have never made as many applications or …

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To cut or not to cut? 

I am a doctor.  In my opinion, routine neonatal circumcision is unnecessary. True, it is protective against  recurrent urinary tract infections in male children, helps to reduce infection rates for STIs in adults and helps reduce the incidence of penile cancer.  None of these conditions is particularly common in the first place, bar any interventions. …

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