Who cares ?

I care I'm the one that will stay back after my hours are over, because someone wants to hold my hands and make small talk for a little longer.  I'm the one that will look for intravenous access for the patient with very difficult veins, so that she can get her drugs, so that the …

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To You

I was going through my new friend’s blog and I found this wonderful piece.
i hope it speaks to you as deeply as it did to me.

And please check out her work, I promise you- you’ll be glad you stopped by…


To You 
my Muslim, Jewish, Gay, Black, and Brown
Brothers and Sisters
I will not hate You
Like a table piled high
with rancid meat
The bounty of the beast
I will not taste
the lies
I will not chew
the bigotry
I will not digest 
the hate
To you who society
tells me
I am better than
only not as worthy 
as my white brothers

Photo credit:  Adalberto Tostes

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