I've been relatively inactive for some time now. So, as in such times of solitude, I have resorted to chewing the cud of memories and flashbacks from the past.  I'm listening to music on my phone. My playlist has not grown by so much over the years though. Doesn't mean I don't keep up with …

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To You

I was going through my new friend’s blog and I found this wonderful piece.
i hope it speaks to you as deeply as it did to me.

And please check out her work, I promise you- you’ll be glad you stopped by…

To You 
my Muslim, Jewish, Gay, Black, and Brown
Brothers and Sisters
I will not hate You
Like a table piled high
with rancid meat
The bounty of the beast
I will not taste
the lies
I will not chew
the bigotry
I will not digest 
the hate
To you who society
tells me
I am better than
only not as worthy 
as my white brothers

Photo credit:  Adalberto Tostes

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