Ignorance is bliss

… or is it?

Sometimes, scratch that, many times, I wish I were dumber. And I mean that literally. Many times, I feel like a higher than average intelligence is a burden too heavy to bear. 

You’d ask, how do you even know you’re more intelligent than the average person? Well, I finished medical school right? Just kidding.
Truth is, I don’t know for sure. I’ve never taken an IQ test, probably never will. I feel it can only have two outcomes. First, it might be much much higher than average and I’d have to deal with the anxiety that comes with the knowledge that I’m part of say, the smartest 1% of the world’s population, which is in all fairness, at ~ 70 million people, quite the company.
On the other hand, it could turn out to be much lower than I thought and I’d have to live with the knowledge that for so long, I’d been overestimating myself. None of those outcomes is particularly refreshing to think about, so I’d rather live with my ignorance. 

You, yes you! I know you’re wondering, if you’re so smart, why then do you have so many typos on your blog and in your work as a whole. Well, nice clapback. Touché

  • I wish I were dumber, perhaps, then perhaps, I wouldn’t be bothered by abstract questions like why are we alive? How does my perception of reality compare to that of the next person? Come on, really. 
  • If I were dumber, perhaps I would not be so indecisive, because I would not bother myself with thinking about all the sides there are to the problem, so that I can take a more balanced decision. I’d simply go with the flow.
  • Were I dumber perhaps, I’d be more satisfied with my life, instead of constantly wondering- “is this all there is to it?”
  • Maybe perhaps I wouldn’t need to fight with trolls on the internet all the time.
  • I would not worry myself about what and what we would need to do to make this country a better place, safer, cleaner, more environmentally sustainable. 
  • I would just accept as gospel truth, all the lies and misinformation the government of our country throws out, without critically scrutinizing them. 

I know you think the government of your country is blatant in its disregard for the facts, but honestly, if you haven’t lived here in Nigeria, then you just don’t understand the magnitude of what I am talking about. 

  • I would sleep better at night, knowing that I am just another dumb person. No need to think about much, leave the thinking for the smart ones. No need for lofty dreams. I’d be fine, just fine with surviving the night.
  • If I were a little dumber, I would not have to deal with the weight of expectations from myself and from others. It would be OK, for instance to flunk an exam or fail to ace an interview or just not reach that target or break that record. It would be fine, because, I would not be so hard on myself or think about all the disappointed stares from my friends and family, who believed ​in my abilities. 
  • Finally, maybe if I were a little dumber, I’d be more successful. I wouldn’t be so lazy, maybe. I would​ not be constantly thinking of ways to circumvent the hard brawny work that success most times requires. I would know that I am not so smart and so would need to work twice as hard. I would not rely so much on my wits and wait for someone else to bring the muscle. I would put in my everything and not be so afraid to fail, since there would be nothing to prove, most of the time. 

If only I were dumber. 


2 thoughts on “Ignorance is bliss

  1. I had a teacher once who said: “The simple are closest to God because they are content with what they are given and do not question.” I think it is simplicity, not a dumbiing down that we desire. I am with you, though, my mind could use a rest, lol.

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