The prose has refused to be written . This poem meanwhile, has been bubbling in my head all day. Since I can no longer ignore her pain and suffering, let me give her a mercy-killing. I hope it’s worth the read.

I understand
I see it in your eyes
I hear it in your voice
I taste it on your breath
I feel it on your fingertips
In the soft fullness of your palms

You think you don’t care
You think you can let yourself in
To the very depths of the burning furnace
All the way to the sacred hollow chambers of the heart
And come out unscathed.
I once thought so too…

And it was to be my undoing

As you walk beside me
And waltz along to the rhythm
Of our thumping hearts
Don’t think you will stand up and leave
Whenever and however you please
Unbothered and unpertubed

I used to think that moonlight kisses
And noonday hugs
Bore no further weight of significance
Than full plump lips
And warm sun-kissed bodies.
I know you think so now

I have learned, as the time
Dragged its millstone about my neck
That with each languid step taken together
Every passing moment that our fingers intertwined
Every new sunset with our shadows in tow
With every conversation- hushed and whispered

Or otherwise screamed from the rooftops.
For every one of these
And many more
The steps- once lite and sprightly
That led me to your door
Have grown heavy and reluctant

In walking me away.

So before your fairy wings
Begin to flit and flutter
From flower to tree
Look again. See
That these feelings have traps
And that your ankles are delicate.

Enter this haunted forest at your own peril.

theMD_muse 2017 ©


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