Sometimes I wonder

Here’s my first poem of 2017. I hope you enjoy it. 

Sometimes I wonder 

Sometimes I wonder 
What you feel 
In the middle of the night
When the realization hits you 
Head on.
That while you love the idea 
Of being with me
And perhaps even love me more
You cannot truly give me what I want-

I wonder how it feels
The helplessness
The despair
The resignation
The barren hope that maybe,
Just maybe, I will take what 
You have put out in front of me
And forget what I really want,
What you can never give up-
Your self.

Sometimes, I wonder 
What ills were done to you
What grave injustices
You had to go through 
To bring you this far removed from you 
I wonder if maybe, it was not 
What was done 
I wonder if this was what you learned 
From endless sermons
And sterling examples.

Sometimes, I wonder 
What it is I truly want from you.
I want you, I know.
But what part of you-
Heart, mind or body.
I wonder what awaits me 
At the end of this winding road-
This dance within a thicket of thorns.
One thing though, is certain.
I will not take what you do not give.

theMD_muse 2017  ©


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