Happy stories have endings too…

It is with no little amount of joy in my heart, gratitude and a deep sense of nostalgia that I bid farewell to you. 

The past year has been wonderful, amazing even, sometimes. I have laughed at your jokes and you at mine. We have shared laughter, tears and silence. We have both pushed and been pushed, one the other, to the edge of both rapturous bliss and precipitous despair. It has been wholesome.
These memories will follow us as we move along with life, as we set up camp and pitch our tents at different points in space and time. Time will lap away at the unpleasant bits and all that will remain will be hazy pictures of thumping hearts and laboured breath and the feeling of my fingers drawing lazy circles on the small of your back.
That time you told me, with eyes glazed over, that if we didn’t stop right then, it will be too late to stay right-side of the line we had agreed to never cross. That too, I’m sure will stay on in your mind and mine.

Nelly Furtado sang

…flames to dust, lovers to friends… Why do all good things come to an end?

We often look forward to the end of a chilling tale- the climax, breaths and hopes held in for the end of the horror flick. We’re all too eager to burst upon that light at the end of the tunnel. When things are dark, it’s easy to say “this too shall pass“. But even the most beautiful things too, will end someday and they too will pass into memories- both pleasant and distant.

We have spent perhaps the most dramatic year of all as yet, side by side and hand in hand. The story of our adventure is nothing, if not beautiful. The highs and the lows have been every bit as exhilarating. 

And yes, this final kiss, though fervent, bears no promise of more to come. And no, it is not a sad thing. It is every inch as beautiful as all that has gone before. This is not the time to mourn the ashes of tomorrows unseen, but to savour this moment- the final throes of tongues on teeth. This sweet and spicy prelude to the memories of the future. 

Happy stories have endings too, милая моя.

C’est la vie


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