Titbits of thought. Pt. 1

There’s a lot going on in my life. That means there’s potentially a lot to write about. However, there’s not really enough time and space to organize them into proper posts. I’ll start doing something a little differently. 

Instead of waiting to organize my thoughts into longer comprehensive posts, I will write short posts with little threads of thought- often random and unrelated to each other. Just so that I can put them out there and not condemn them to death by busy schedules and tired fingers. 

Here’s the first installment 

  • In the Newborn Special Care Unit where I’m currently working, there’s an Hausa baby boy- Muslim sandwiched between an Igbo boy and an Igbo girl- both Christians. I couldn’t tell which was which, if I hadn’t read the name tags. It had me thinking. These are just a bunch of helpless little kids, when exactly do they grow to hate and kill each other? Right now, they’ll all cry as feeding time approaches, share a phototherapy booth, be carried and attended to by the same set of medical personnel, have their infusions refilled from the same container etc. Why do we snatch away their innocence? What exactly are we fighting to protect?
  • My cousin sent me a voicemail message a couple of days ago and complained about how we were slowly drifting apart. The problem was, I was already late for work and couldn’t have that conversation. So, I sent a text, apologizing, talking about how tight work has been and promising to call back and better keep in touch. I haven’t called back. It worries me that I have to choose between family and working for people, I don’t know from Adam, who might not be able to pay me back commensurately or even appreciate my efforts at least. I have spoken with my father a total of 2 times this year and it’s already more than 2 weeks into the year. It bothers me a lot.

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