A gulp of air!

Fun factDid you know that most of the gas that is passed out as flatus is actually air that is swallowed during eating, yawning and what not?

Writing is one of the major ways that I deal with issues in my life. When you’re happy and feeling jolly, it really doesn’t feel like you’re going through any issues. But they’re all issues – the happy moments and the sad. So, pardon me if my writing seems mostly morose and melancholy. It’s just the animal instinct to scratch vigorously at an itch, but to sit back with closed eyes and enjoy being stroked or petted. 

I am perhaps too quick to deface paper with ink when things go a little south and maybe, spend so much time enjoying the moment when things are great, that I forget to do justice to those moments too on paper.

So, this last weekend, I hung out with her and it was really great. I didn’t realize I was almost getting scared of spending time with her. Maybe that was me running away from the disappointment of another void encounter. Well, that’s beside the point. 

We had a good time. Yes. And the day almost started off on the wrong foot. We’d arranged to meet sometime that evening, but when I called to confirm that we were still on, the phone rang out. I still came anyways, half expecting to be stood up.  But it turned out she’d been sleeping. We took a little bit of time to just enjoy each other’s company and to reminisce about some of our high points. 

We talked too, maybe not as freely as I’d have liked, but much better than we usually did. Slow progress is still progress.  When it was time to go, it felt like the time had gone by too quickly and I didn’t want to leave. That day remains a very pleasant memory and another high point for us. No unnecessary arguments, no awkward silence, just two people in love and feeling it. 

This is a really big deal for me. This means that perhaps, I’m on the right track. Perhaps, with some work, things might actually work out. This is like breaking the surface and taking a huge gulp of air after being trapped below the surface for so lung long. I hope this trend continues and we go on to deal with our differences constructively. Who knows, we might be it. I have another date with her this evening. 
Wish me luck! 


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