The valley of decision

Again, I know this blog was created to grow my prose, not water my poetry. Sometimes though, the temptation is too strong for me. Atimes I am strong enough to resist the urge, other times I am not. Tonight, I am having one of those moments of weakness. Pardon me.

Will you quit bobbing your bait
Just out of the reach of my snapping jaws
Will you stop making me wait
For your time – frozen in pause.
Let me bite;
I know your hook is sharp
Still, let me fight;
I love the sting of your jab.
It is for me a better fate
To have been hooked
Then scaled and flayed
And cut and cooked
Or otherwise reeled in,
Admired, cut loose and tossed
Than to see you in vain wielding
Your shiny rod- free of rust
And glistening in the morning sun.

 You lead me on
To believe that with the next tiny leap
I might latch firmly on
To the bait disguising the tip
Of your deadly hook.
I know it is a trap
But I learned to leap before I look
And let my mind unwrap
The sight
In flight.
Quit playing with my mouse
You silly cat
Sink in your claws and rid the house
Of this nifty rat
Or otherwise leave me
To run away and find another
Cat to make a meal of me.

theMD_muse 2016. Β©


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