What frustrated feels like.

As usual, beware long poem ahead.

What frustrated feels like

I know I’m breathing

But it feels like choking

The air is warm and moist,

But it feels dry and chilly

My fingers fold in fist

They clench, unclench

And clench again.


I’m angry- I know,

But what I don’t know

Is at whom or what

So, when you smile

I briefly flash my teeth in response.

In the hot afternoon,

It’s impossible to tell a snarl from a smile.


You greet me calmly and politely

I greet you too

But if you can read my mind,

You’ll see that my impatience is boiling over

And while it has hardly even begun

I can’t wait for this conversation

To be over.


Yesterday, just yesterday

You made those puppy eyes at me

And I melted like brown chocolate cubes

In the oven of your urgent desires.

Today is a different story though

I could look at one hundred different puppy eyes

And still walk away.


Don’t call me

Don’t appeal to me

I don’t care

Not now,

Not today,

Not tonight,

Maybe, not ever.


Don’t disturb me,

Just let me be,

So what if your uncle bleeds to death?

I too, am bleeding from the heart

Can’t you tell from my bloodshot eyes?

I too have bled throughout today

And I’m not even dead yet.


I’ll save the dregs

Of bitter words for you.

For you- who could spare the time

To ask me how I feel.

“I’m fine, just fine…

Only a little frustrated”

“Oh! How does that feel?”


theMD_muse 2016 ©


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