Why Blog? Why Now?

To be honest, I decided to start blogging as a way to try to keep my prose writing in shape.
When I was younger, prose was my preferred mode of expression, but as the years rolled by, I began to take a more active interest in poetry. This was partly because at the time, my poetry was the least developed of my abilities.Still, I admired the art- I enjoyed the poems I read, I fell in love with the concept of “the poetic license”- the freedom to choose the context of one’s words as well as the fluidity of punctuation.
I fell in love with the idea that one verse written with  perhaps one intention, one meaning, could carry multiple conotations, depending on the standpoint of the person reading. I loved how that certain innocuous details about the poet could demystify the intricacies of many a complex verse. I wanted that- the freedom, the mystery, the mastery and the hope that perhaps someday some minute detail about my otherwise uneventful life could be of some use.
I understood that I needed to continue practicing writing poetry, no matter how difficult it proved or how silly the eventual work seemed to me.
Fast-forward a few years later and my poetry is actually something that I no longer need to be ashamed of, but at what expense? My beloved prose lies somewhere within me, barely breathing.
I loved the relative brevity of the gestation period that poetry presented to me. Between the conception of an idea, the development and when the work eventually came to fruition, the time frame allowed me to experience some degree of satisfaction represented by a concise body of work, before I gave up on trying to develop the idea.
With prose however, the patience required to draw your reader into your story, develop your characters and tell your tale in a captivating manner simply eluded me. I was piling up an ever- increasing list of unfinished work, all of them prose. Taken in excerpts, they actually made for pretty good reading, but as a whole, they were missing the “umami” that would have left a lasting and pleasant aftertaste on my readers’ minds. So, to remedy the situation, I decided to start writing shorter pieces of prose- on issues that I could relate to, to help me improve my technique.
I flirted with the idea of starting a blog for a long time, waiting for the impetus to fizzle away so that I could once again lament my lack of enthusiasm and bury the idea for good. However, circumstances conspired against a swift and decisive death to this particular idea and voila- here we are!
What I am actually asking you, dear reader, in presenting this long and twisted chronicle on self improvement and whatever else is subliminal, to do is- excuse my horrible writing.

spot on
spot on
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